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WORLD PATIENT SAFETY DAY 2020 – Respect & Gratitude to Health Workers !

Respect and Gratitude to Health Workers on“World Patient Safety Day 2020”


Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety


Safe health workers, Safe patients

Call for action:

Speak up for health worker safety!

I am Prof Mehmet Ungan, president of the World Organization of Family Doctors in Europe and I am inviting our Member Organizations to light up their websites or any iconic item in orange as a signature of the WHO Campaign for patient Safety Day 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggested “orange” color. I invite you to use the “orange” color on 17th September.

ORANGE illumination will be a gesture of respect and gratitude to all health workers risking their own lives and, moreover, while struggling to save people’s lives many die.

May I draw your attention to WHO call urging all stakeholders to “Speak up for health worker safety!”

Family Doctors from 48 countries of the WONCA Europe MOs and PHC Professionals share the WHO’s position that countries should mention “Recognition of health workers’ dedication and hard work”, particularly amid the current fight against COVID-19. This year it is a priority in the WHO World Patient Safety Day 2020 !

We are strongly emphasizing that the delivery of primary health care services should focus the available resources on “patient”, “community needs” but also on the needs of Health Workers to have a sustainable health workforce.

Call for action

WHO urges all stakeholders to “Speak up for health worker safety!”

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the huge challenges health workers are currently facing globally. Working in stressful environments exacerbates safety risks for health workers, including being infected and contributing to outbreaks in the health care facility, having limited access or adherence to personal protective equipment and other infection prevention and control measures, and inducing errors which can potentially harm patients and health workers. In many countries, health workers are facing increased risks of infections, violence, accidents, stigma, illness and death. Family Doctors from 48 countries, which are members of WONCA Europe, should support WHO’s view that “Health professionals should talk about their passion and intense efforts to specialize in all subjects, especially during the ongoing fight against COVID-19.”

Illuminate a monument in orange

During these unprecedented times, a combination of virtual and other activities is being planned by WHO to observe and celebrate the Day in September. The signature mark of the global campaign is to light up iconic monuments, landmarks, and public places in orange colour, in collaboration with local authorities. This will also be a gesture of respect and gratitude to all health workers.

Prof.Dr. Mehmet UNGAN


WONCA Europe