Association of general practice/family medicine of South-East Europe AGP/FM SEE


Prof.: Prof.d-r Carmen Busneag

Executiv president: prof dr. DUMITRU MATEI

Contact person for AGP/FM SEE: dr. CARMEN BUȘNEAG


Academic Society for Family Medicine (SAMF)

Academic Society for Family Medicine (SAMF), established under the auspices of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Romania, promotes and supports the highest levels of the various problems of the family doctor, scientific and professional nature.

The purpose of SAMF

The purpose of SAMF consists of creating an organizational framework for all specialists in the specialty of Family Medicine, as well as other specialists whose concerns related to this specialty, in order to continuously raise the level of professional and scientific, and to support actions to maintain and improve public health in Romania.

Goals of SAMF

SAMF objectives necessary to achieve its purpose, are:

  • Promoting the exchange of information, publications, experts, organizations and cooperation with similar bodies in the country and abroad.
  • Organizing Congresses and Conferences, local meetings and regional medical issues, inviting interested physicians, but also specialists and personalities.
  • Annual organization in October, of the National Conference of Family Medicine, inviting all medical specialists in family medicine specialists and personalities in this field, from home and abroad.
  • Organizing training courses and training for practitioners in MF.
  • Organization of distance learning courses.
  • Dissemination and spread of scientific information.
  • SAMF facilitate the participation of members of the international scientific conferences.
  • Editing official journal of SAMF: Romanian Journal of Medical Practice.
  • Developing guides to medical practice.
  • Development of specialty papers for undergraduate and postgraduate education.
  • Printing volumes containing papers presented at scientific events organized by the SAMF the country.
  • Creation of a specialized documentation center and the development of modern methods of investigation bibliography.
  • Promote effective communication and cooperation with governmental and nongovernmental institutions.
  • Promoting active cooperation with the Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, the Medical College of Romania, Health Insurance Houses.
  • Improving standards of professional practice and ethics in research, and implementation.
  • Supporting research nuclei in the country.
  • Awarding prizes for the company’s valuable work in the field.
  • The granting of scholarships for young physicians with special interests.
  • Collaboration with administrative, legislative and legal for establishing rules of practice allowed in the country.
  • Affiliation to specialized international bodies.
  • Attracting programs and financing in the form of donations, grants, contributions, fees, dues for benefits and assistance to improve the quality of the specialty of family medicine in Romania.

ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PRACTICE is the official journal of the Academic Society for  Family Medicine (SAMF) in Romania, with an annual frequency of 4 issues. Following accreditation in 2008, the publication was framed in a high class B +, and will be international accredited