Association of general practice/family medicine of South-East Europe AGP/FM SEE


Report from the meeting held in Sarajevo

The president of the Association Prim.dr Ljubin Sukriev, was invited to visit Sarajevo…

From the meeting held on 20.12.2012 in Sarajevo


The president of the Association Prim.dr Ljubin Sukriev, was invited to visit Sarajevo by the President of the Association of Family Medicine physicians of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Milan Miokovica. The goal of the visit was an agreement to be made regarding organization of the Third Congress of the Association in 2014 in Sarajevo. The meeting was realized after many delays.

The president arrived in Sarajevo in 16h and had meeting with d-r Milan and dr-Lejla Karic at 19.30h in hotel “Bristol”. They confirmed that the association wants to organize and host a Third Congress of the Association .We have enthusiasm, people and knowledge to organize the congress of the Association, this will have positive impact for the education and our status stated Dr. Milan Miokovic.

Dr. Lejla Karic said that hotel “Hollywood” is the only hotel with large capacity and that she made the first conversations and contacts .Hotel is near the airport. In this moment a new department is built within the hotel for 100 rooms so in June 2013 there will be 350 rooms. There are 15 conference halls with capacity for 100-1000 people. Dr Leila gave the data for h. “Bristol”-with a capacity of 186 rooms and 4 conference rooms and for I h. “Holiday Inn”-with a capacity of 208 rooms and 1 conference hall and 4 smaller halls (capacity of 50 – 600 people) but they were not appropriate.

The next day at 13h we visited hotel “Hollywood.” During the visit, we found a kind and friendly welcome by officials from the hotel .A tour from the hotel reception, the buffet room, conference presentations, rooms for accommodation and restaurant was made.
There were Buffed Hall and relax room for resting and coffee break.
Rooms were arranged with a beautiful view. Rest rooms were clean and tidy and on each floor there is one apartment. Total 6 apartments. The rooms were beautiful .The staff of the hotel confirmed that we can book the whole hotel with the new wing which is building in this moment till June2013. The conference room is separated and in case of need, also can be opened and can be connected together with the others.
There are two restaurants: one with a large capacity of 300 seats and a smaller one of 150 people who fully meet the needs .In the middle of the restaurant there is a counter where food is placed for self service. We will need to confirm whether there will be accommodations with breakfast or with dinner also.
It was also agreed that the President of the Association regularly communicates with Dr Milan via e-mail. Dr.Milan will be given instructions what he will need to do for the organization of the Congress and he will send feedback on how that issues are resolved.

After that we had lunch with the representatives of the Governing Council dr.Zaim I dr.Alma.They gave some suggestions for the organization of the congress and they said that they will do what they can to mobilize all the doctors to come to the congress. Proposal was given for the opening of the Congress to be in the House of Culture of Bosnia, this remains to be reviewed from all organization aspects .Another proposal was for the days of the Congress to be from Thursday – Sunday in September 2014 god. But this will be reviewed on the meeting in Skopje where we need to see with the Board that it would not be another Congress or national or international activity coincided. All the technology we need is arraigned: microphones, sound system, screen, laptop, flipchart, poster boards for presentation. Simultaneous translation needs additional technique.
Suggestions for congress topics:

  1.  Determine the motto of the Congress in terms of: “Who we are, what we are and what is our future”
  2. Topics: 1.Sleep disorders, previously this topic-was proposed by dr.Mumtaz who will explain during the meeting in Skopje
  3. Continuing conduction of the study: “Violence against doctors by patients’
  4. The future of family medicine and improving quality of care in family medicine (work with information systems, communication with patients, learning with information systems …)
  5. Quality education and quality of service
  6. Proposal for expert topic due to pharmaceutical companies
  7. Free topics
  8. Workshops  -it should be chosen which topics from which country

During a meeting in Skopje I expect to hear other proposals and eventually choose topics jointly  for Congress . When we determine definitively hotel, topics, time, then we can make the first announcement and it can be announced also on the Third Conference, April 2013in Belgrade.

President of AGP / FM SEE
Prim.d-r Ljubin Sukriev