Association of general practice/family medicine of South-East Europe AGP/FM SEE



Prim. mr. sc. dr Dragoljub Ivanković,

General Medicine specialist, Family medicine doctor

Dragoljub Ivankovic

1932 – 2015

President of General Medicine Section of Serbian Medical Society from 1986. til 1991.

Honorary member of presidency of General Medicine Section of Serbian Medical Society

Member of redaction of Journal of General Medicine since its foundation

Through his work and with his outstanding humanity he contributed to promotion of professional relationship between doctors in Serbia, and internationally. Everyone who knew him and had a privilege to work with him, remembers him as outstanding professional devoted to general/family medicine, and till his last breath he fought in behalf of its benefit. He was one of the leaders in establishment of Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of South-East Europe, and member of executive board. He was contemporary and associate of many extraordinary teachers and practitioners in Serbian medical science and witness of the beginnings of reforms in Serbian primary care. He never stopped to believe that, someday, doctors and specialists of general medicine will achieve deserved place in society. He used to help his colleagues with his knowledge an own example, because he loved what he was doing. He incorporated his knowledge into foundations of general medicine section and in medical science. As prolific author of professional literature (236 articles and 47 manuals, text books and monographies) he contributed in education of numerous young doctors, he was a lecturer in postgraduate education in department of general medicine of Belgrade Medical Faculty, and president of commission for professional exams from 1984. till 2002. He was favored among colleagues of all generations. Last days of his life were fulfilled with belief that his colleagues, general medicine doctors, will continue along the road to progress and professionalism in their specialty.

He deserves eternal glory!